AppNexus-Hosted Prebid Server

Prebid Server is designed to integrate with Prebid.js. and Prebid Mobile. See for information on header bidding and getting started with Prebid.

What is Prebid Server?

Prebid Server is an open-source server-to-server header bidding solution. It allows publishers to configure header bidding demand partners to work through a server-side connection, rather than being called directly from the client device. This server-side auction process reduces the load on the browser or device, driving an improved user experience while also taking advantage of the monetization benefits of header bidding.

Who Is It For?

The AppNexus-hosted Prebid Server is a global deployment of the open-source Prebid Server code. AppNexus publishers can sign up to use this Prebid Server deployment.


Why is AppNexus providing a hosted Prebid Server?

AppNexus believes it's important for header bidding to remain a fair and transparent technique, and server-to-server is an important option for header bidding. We want to provide a solution that ensures everyone can take advantage of server-to-server without relying on any black box technology and without having to implement Prebid Server on their own.

Does AppNexus have any advantages in Prebid Server?

No demand partner, including AppNexus, has any advantage over another in Prebid Server. It's designed to be a separate, transparent, and fair system, and doesn't give any bias to any partner.

Do I have to be an AppNexus customer to use Prebid Server?

To sign up for the AppNexus-hosted Prebid Server, you must have a publisher account with AppNexus.

How do companies get involved with being S2S partners connected into Prebid Server?

Contact AppNexus at

Does Prebid Server support AMP ads?

Yes. See Show Prebid Ads on AMP Pages for more information.

I have a general question about Prebid Server, who can answer it?

Prebid Server is an open source Prebid project. Check out to learn more.