Header bidding is getting an upgrade.

Introducing Prebid Server, the new (free) way of doing server-to-server header bidding with prebid.js.

Lighting fast for a better user experience

Prebid Server is hosted, maintained, and monitored by AppNexus. Work with shorter header bidding timeouts for a better user experience.

Works with industry leading demand sources

Connect with AppNexus, FAN, and more. See more about who's integrated on our documentation.

Built with publishers in mind

Get started today, for free, even if you're not an AppNexus customer. We're also fully committed to transparency: Prebid Server is open sourced and available for review, and all bids received to Prebid.js, so you don't have to worry about what's going on.

Get started immediately

Prebid Server is available for free to all quality publishers. Get an account today, start reading our documentation, and start doing server-to-server header bidding.

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