Welcome to Prebid Server!

Prebid Server is your go-to solution for server-to-server header bidding with Prebid.js and Prebid Mobile. AppNexus hosts, maintains, and monitors a Prebid Server solution for eligible clients. Apply now.

Lightning fast

Work with shorter header bidding timeouts for a better user experience.

Industry-leading demand sources

Connect with AppNexus, Rubicon, OpenX, and many others.

Built with transparency in mind

Prebid Server is open source, so you don't have to worry about what's going on behind the scenes.

Access your account

Users with an existing account can login here.


We are no longer accepting applications for new Prebid Server accounts. Prebid Server is now integrated in our Monetize SSP offering. Please reach out to your Xandr Account Manager for more information. If you do not yet have a commercial relationship with Xandr, please contact us here.